About thighs and golf

Belinda Magejo

So the latest offering from Bustop Tv got me all excited . Yes about damn time us thick madames get celebrated. We often watch music videos with skinny video vixens and hardly any big bodied women.

Music videos has made us grow to think only if you are skiny you can be a vixen. So what a shock when I received the video in my inbox to review. There was Gonyeti and Miss Red a radio personality from ZiFm comfortably showing and parading their thighs in their skimpy golf outfits. I almost shouted Hallelujah finally someone gets to celebrate us the fuller figured women, and to say hey, you dont have to hide your body and be ashamed of your stretch marks and all,you are beautiful just the way you are so celebrate you and embrace yourself.

What I loved the most about the video is the comic side of it, there’s so much happening in the world and a bit ohh actually a lot of laughs is what we need sometimes. This video has it and I mean who gets Madzibaba to do a dab.we even see Gonyeti serving tea to her love interest Madzibaba and if you are from Zimbabwe you understand the bond between madzibaba and tea hobvu.She serves his tea at the same time teasing the poor security guy who seems to be lusting over her. Throughout this Gonyeti is supported and accompanied by an equally curvaceous Miss Red and together they are smoking hot.

The song was sang by Andy Muridzo. He seems to love singing about big women,maybe it’s his weakness. Talking of Andy Muridzo my next blog is about his latest release Broken heart.

Until next time keep serving all that thickness ladies. Well done Bus stop TV.