Album Reviews Kwajeka, Underrated and Moses


The last few weeks has been great in terms of music album releases. I’m not a musician but I know how hard it is to put an album together. Big kudos to all artists who take their time to come up with masterpieces even if it takes thrm years. I received a few albums to listen to. Thank you to all who sent in their albums. I’m not a music expert but I love music and have my own expectation whrn it comes to good music. It has been a while since we had a decent album this year. Looks like they all wait until the last part of the year to release their music. I don’t know but I’m sure they are all vying for the top spot at the end of the year music count down.

One of my favourite album definitely has to be Kwajeka by Rumbi Zvirikuzhe. Whrn it comes to gospel she definitely among the top female gospel musicians. I just don’t know why she’s not  getting the attention she deserve.

The album is a 10 track album, packed with powerful and inspirational lyrics that will either get you dancing or will get you into an emotional spiritual worship. She brought back that original gospel sound we grew up listening to. She definitely takes you back to those days we used yo listen to gospel shows on a Sunday with the whole family.

It’s very difficult to pick a favourite but if I have to I will go with Yera Yera, I first heard the song in the late 90s by Moice Matura. It has been mybfavourute dibse then. I love that she picked it up and tweaked it and made it current. Another one will be Muponesi, and Nyasha chacho.

I got to speak to Rumbi about this album and she had this to say ‘the biggest challenge was It took me 1 and half years to record the album because of school and lack finances and I’m happy the people have received it well and ate giving positive feedback’. She also said she hopes to do a Live recording for her next album.

If you are in Zimbabwe grab yourself a copy from oyos music and the album will be available soon on iTunes. Well done Rumbi thecalbim is definitely 5*


Another album that you might have missed is Underatted by Goodchild. Perhaps you know him as a Coke on the beat presenter but did you know he’s also a good musician. You might know him from the hit song Fadzayi plus many more.

With producers like Tman of Mount Zion and Tamuka of MTM as well as Oskid it was definitely destined to be a hit album. I know the ladies will love this one. This is a chilled out RnB album with some great features.

Zvachose is one of my favourites and it features Decibel, it’s always great yo hear the voice of Decibel, he still remains one of the great urban groovers. The song also features Guspy Warrior and he brings a bit of dancehall feel to the song and makes it appeal to the zimdancehal audience. Another favourite is down for me that features Trevor Dongo.  There’s just too many to mention.

For those that love their music to be chilled out with a sexy vibe definitely this one is for you. I spoke to Goodchild and he had this to say ‘This album marks the begining of my ventures into the African market. Am hoping to push the project beyond Zimbabwe we making plans to release it into different Southern African countries such as Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, S.A etc and see how those people will receive it.We are hoping that The title track “Underrated” will cause damage towards christmas we working on the visuals.

Its one of my best projects to date and am hoping it will change certain pple’s perception about my music.We still have a lot of work to make the fans have faith and appreciate the sound But finally we did it and here we are! Nyika yese irikufara’

8L- Moses

When it comes to Hip hop I’m sure we can all agree it had been slacking lately. Hopefully the arrival of this album will be enough to shake things up. 8L is one of what I call  flamboyant rapper he is very vibrant and colourful.

Moses is a 19 track album and that includes 2 bonus tracks. He definitely worked extra hard because it’s not an easy task to produce an album of such magnitude. My favourite tracks will have to be My woman crush that was released a few months ago. Well who doesn’t want to be a woman crush everyday. Katrina is another one that’s a dance along track and Kufara Kwema Champion featuring Andy Muridzo is another one to look out for. Anything with that Andy Muridzo voice is bound to be a hit.

Is this the return of Hip Hop? I guess we will have to wait and see how people receive the album. Ba Shupi also features on the album. Well done 8L on this production, the only downside for me  is 19 tracks are to much and you don’t want to leave people bored to listen to the whole album. For me personally 7 tracks will be more than enough. Maybe for next time you might want to cut it down a bit..

  • The album is also available to purchase on iTunes so do grab yourself a copy.