Bulawayo Umuhle

I’m sure by now you know if we haven’t got an event to review we pick up on new music or videos with the aim of exposing some talented artists we have out there.
This week is no exception except the video I chose really excites me.The first time i saw this artist performing was during the Miss world Zimbabwe UK and I thought to myself gosh she’s a fiery one. You know what they say about dynamite,it comes in small packages. She’s small but talented. Some of you might have seen her performing with Flame Lily a dance group based here in England. So she is a singer and a dancer too.
Amahlolanyama is the video I chose this week by Sisasenkosi featuring Zinjaziyamluma. I might not understand a lot of Ndebele but it’s easy to tell the video is about celebrating football and in this case Highlanders. Two favourite things that bring people together in one video, music and football.
This is one video you watch and if you are an 80s early 90s baby you will remember the beat very well. When I heard and saw the video I remembered the radio 2 days listening to kwaziso on a Saturday afternoon on one of those small radios that were powered by Kariba batteries and you know those small ones we used to charge outside during the day.

I love the traditional dressing in the video very kingish and royal after all Bulawayo is the city of Kings, it kind of resembles the South African traditional dressing as well,the Zulu and xhosa if I’m not mistaken. It’s just a jolly happy video with a feel good factor. We don’t see a lot of music coming out of Bulawayo even though Bulawayo if full of talented artists. So well done Sisa and everyone else representing Bulawayo.
According to Sisa Bulawayo umuhle hey and #asifunibumbulu, it’s time we stop focussing on Harare only when it comes to promoting the arts. I’m looking forward to getting my kit on and doing the Highlander dance.
For the feel good factor the video I give it a 5* and I look forward to seeing more from Ko Ntutu. Next week we hope to bring you updates from the Pamamonya Tour scheduled for Leicester and London on Saturday and Sunday. In the mean time check out the video Amahlolanyama below

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