Whats your take on the Winky D/Buffalo Soldier Video?

Belinda Magejo

So anyway we won’t be talking about the show to say but something else caught my eye today. The video of the ding Rugare from Winky D and Buffalo Soldier is finally out. The video has been playing on Trace Africa for a while but they had not released it on YouTube. When the ding came out it received a lot of mixed reactions

I’m one of those who did not immediately like it. After a few listening I’m still not really bought. I just felt and still feels there’s something missing. Someone pointed that it’s missing that bass that would have made it pop even more. Winky D doesn’t usually get it wrong so putting those two together on a song I expected something out of the world.

The video is brilliant and it’s definitely something we are used to seeing from Buffalo Soldier. He is one artist that always pushes the boundary for a Zimbabwean artist. You can expect anything and everything from his videos including snakes. I like how Winky D was taken away from his comfort zone and had him surrounded by almost naked ladies. We know Winky as the squeaky clean type of artist so i wonder how he felt shooting the video.

The collaboration for me is kind of a collaboration of convenience, doing a video and song with Big Buff exposed Winky to Buff’s contacts and fans. We know how good he’s been doing in SA and I’m sure his contacts are definitely worth knowing. On the other side Buff has gained some of Winky D’s fans. I’m sure he would love to break into the Zimbabwean market so the collaboration would afford him that. I hope both artists will take advantage of this collaboration and embark on a tour on both sides to try and get new fans and followers.

The video quality I definitely give it a 5* I loved how the storyline was flowing. It’s just the song that I’m still not sure about. Check out the video below and enjoy it.

Ohh I hope you are excited about Zimfest like me, it’s only a few weeks to go now and we will definitely be reporting live from there. Until next time I’m out.