“Dream your dream

By Conrad Mwanza

“Dream your dream; and realize that you’re more than just a dreamer. You are the point of origin for its reality,” from the multiple award winning American Doctor Steve Maraboli.

Years after establishing the ZAA, I envisioned another dream of developing a publication which would complement the awards brand but I had to hold back for a while. I pondered on how best to unleash it, as well as how the readers (especially my fellow Zimbabweans and others) will receive it.

I am more than just a dreamer, a personal mantra that has defined my success as I have managed to make the ZAA brand a reality. As the visionary of the ZAA trademark, I was in a better position to be the initiator of the Zim Abroad Magazine.

However, it was not always smooth sailing as I procrastinated setting the wheels in motion. I had to remind myself of the early stages of the ZAA event and how that had succeeded to reach the entire globe. Therefore, the publication would start the same way – small but cautious.

Together with my business partner, Louis Charema, affectionately known as “Chief of Staff” we are delighted to have embarked on this journey which we hope you will all enjoy.

Now I can say “warm welcome” to the first edition of the Zim Abroad Magazine. This new publication is set to bring excitement and respect among Zimbabweans while also helping further transform the international media publishing landscape.

It derives its term from “Zimbabwean diaspora” a reference to nationals from Zimbabwe who left after independence beginning in 1980 to live in other countries in southern Africa, Africa or overseas.

This magazine is published by CMG International Media Group (www.cmgmedia-group.com) that I founded in the United Kingdom, the birth place of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards International brand.

Articles included in this magazine will promote the Zimbabwean communities abroad; be non-partisan; apolitical editorial and progressive in nature.

We will also talk about non-Zimbabwean people or organisations involved in one way or the other with our beautiful country wherever they are.

The magazine will be brought to you in various forms including print, online and mobile platforms.

Content will mainly be based on biographies, profiles as well as the news since many people in far flung corners of the world or back at home would are keen to be in the know.

From now on you will be regularly informed, educated or entertained by Zim Abroad Magazine as different personalities in the Zimbabwean Diaspora community continue to excel abroad.

Our dream has come true, it now needs your support.