S. Gabriel Shumba inspires waterhole millionnaires

He recently released one of the most important books of our time, titled The Waterhole Millionaire, described as “a parable depicting a movement for financial independence and generational impact.”

The book is ground-breaking in that it features principles from a village warrior that will turnaround financial lives, making it a practical book for prospective millionaires or those seeking financial success.

Those who grew up in African villages can concur that life there can be the best teacher for any one – due to the toughness of the environment and practicality of daily occurrences.

The Waterhole Millionaire brings together the experiences of an author, investor, entrepreneur and economic solutions strategist for the world to extract what they like in their journeys to financial freedom or prosperity


Written in the form of a short, practical and easy to read allegory, the book narrates real life events that reveal ten core principle lessons, which can be followed by any person, regardless of their circumstances, or income level, to produce extraordinary financial results for themselves and for people around them.

The author’s primary goal is to reach people in a way they can relate to. Instead of writing a book with a collection of steps to achieve financial freedom, and success, Shumba uses a captivating story as the base, and a series of metaphors to show how an ordinary villager profoundly increases wealth, changes his life and shapes his village for better. Using lessons embedded in this book, anybody can transform their own life, business or community.

Unlike many story books, the book is a result of the author’s experience in working with multi-millionaires and billionaires, noting how they go about building wealth and a legacy that transcends generations.

It is also based on the author’s deep research about financial independence as a tool for impact while talking to private equity investors, behavioral scientists, corporate and community leaders – studying different models on economic impact, personal wealth, and motivation theories. The book makes a great read for all ages, including those working 9 to 5 jobs, students in school or university, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is looking for a better and successful life.

Jeffrey Thindwa of The World Bank Group says about the book, “Simple stories can be a powerful tool in explaining the shifts in mindset that are needed for people to defy the vicious cycles of financial hardship and come out strong. The Waterhole Millionaire does the job exceptionally well. It offers a new, insightful perspective on “how” to get out of poverty, and stay out of poverty.”

Shumba was born in Ulangililo, Zambia during the war as his parents were leaders in the Chimurenga war and had escaped to Zambia in exile.

He attended many schools in Zimbabwe including Prospect Primary School and Chinhoyi High School.

Started his working career with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Zimbabwe back in the days, and since then he has worked overseas for several companies.

He left Zimbabwe in 2001 for the USA.

“I am a trained accountant, who became an investment banker, and business advisor to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations. I am now a private equity investor, author and economic solutions strategist”, he says.

Like most black people throughout the world and perhaps African’s in particular, he faced many hurdles to reach where he is now.

“The biggest challenge for me was building a network of people in relevant platforms. Since I was educated in Zimbabwe, went to college in South Africa, and started my career over there, most of my networks are still in Southern Africa. So I had to build relationships from scratch.”

He advises those who may look up to him as a role model: “I would say that when you find something of focus, and you pursue it, everything will work out in the end, and if it hasn’t, then it’s not the end.”

Despite his international success, he believes that “There is no secret to success; it just needs consistent results, period.”

While his motto at work or in business is “People trump profits.”

The book is being used around the world in schools, businesses, churches, associations and by many readers.

It is available for sale in bookstores or on order in USA, UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, Australia and Kenya.

For more information visit the web page: www.waterholemillionaire.com/book/