At times, the principles and values we have and uphold, are not of our own making as most become imbedded in our subconscious without us ever delving into, from whence they came. I am blessed to be a son to Dr Charema. Amongst his greatest lessons lies the drive that has made the creation of this publication a success. Early in life, my father emphasized upon me the need to never harbour or entertain any misbegotten concepts of self -entitlement. If one believes and desires to create something, one should not expect it to be easy and most importantly done for them. The world owes us no debt of service and one must grasp opportunity to realise his or her potential. Most importantly, you must make a start, for procrastination never did give birth.

At the pinnacle of Maslow’s pyramid or hierarchy of needs is a self-actualised person. This is a being who owes no burden of creativity to anyone. As per doctor Myles Munroe’s teaching, positivity guides the assessment of hurdles, to view in them opportunities for success. One envisions a dream and owns it before they create it. Today a milestone is reached. Had it not been for the strong foundation of self-determination that I had been taught I may not have been here today celebrating a veritable milestone.

Louis Charema with Mrs Tsitsi Masiyiwa

I have learnt that to succeed one does not need to compete with anyone other than themselves through targets they avail themselves and attainment of their visions and dreams. To blow out another man’s candle will never make yours brighter and today I celebrate a creation created by competition with my dreams and values. It is with pride that I talk of this creation because it is the creation of sweat, determination and most importantly oneness and superb complementation between us the creating team. Here’s to my business partner, Conrad Mwanza.

As we celebrate this beautiful creation, let me end by saying that we must introspect and assess the effects and values of the spoken word. We will never gain anything by being agents of negativity, especially amongst ourselves. Let us strive to pull each other up and to celebrate the success of others. That is my driving force, that excellence and creativity must be celebrated and encouraged not dissuaded and suppressed through negativity. Only then can we become truly successful. Creative criticism is the whetting stone upon which the blade is made keener. Negativity blunts, but constructive criticism sharpens and delivered through appropriate channels is genius in aiding people in their growth. In all this, I thank the Lord God above, and my personal experiences of his existence.

We have created the Zim-Abroad magazine, as a media platform to propel a positive agenda, which is solution driven whilst celebrating ourselves as a nation and as a people. The title is telling. This magazine will bridge and nullify the borders as created by man and distance as separated by the seas. The world has become a global village, and as such, I invite you to come aboard, the “Zim-Abroad” magazine, and permeate the global diaspora markets world over. We look forward to you being a part of our journey.

I am, your “Chief of Staff”.

Louis Charema