Editor’s Notes: ‘Cooking Something For Africa’

Editor’s Notes: ‘Cooking Something For Africa’

People often hear me talking about ‘cooking something’ and in my case; something always is, because our African continent needs us to come up with ground-breaking ideas that will contribute immensely to its future.

Entrepreneurship is an endless game and the truth is, if you are not building your dream daily, someone else will recruit you to build theirs. Be on a mission everyday to build an empire and leave a legacy. Not many people will acknowledge or appreciate you while you are still alive but your legacy will never be ignored. It will always be a reminder that you lived, that you worked and that you built something worth celebrating and appreciating.

Africa is the future – believe me

Africa is the future. I don’t say this because that is where my heart is; I say it because the continent is not only rich in resources but, that is rich in talent. We have so many pioneering, creative and hardworking minds, who have a vision for what Africa could look like in the next 10 or 20 years, and this is the time to start investing in their future.

There’s never been a better time for entrepreneurs to capitalise on the rapid growth of the continent’s natural and agricultural resources, tourist attractions, among others.

The social changes, urbanisation and technological breakthroughs being experienced in a number of African countries is great but our focus needs to be on how we market and showcase what Africa has to offer and this begins by setting out our long term plans and vision that puts us in a strong position, where we are players at the table and not merely spectators.

It is important for us to understand that Africa is not one country, but a group of 54 countries, with a diverse group of people who speak over 2000 languages and who have different skill sets. More importantly, that if we unite and combine our knowledge, resources and expertise together, we will be the strongest continent in the world.

We need to make the most of the opportunities we receive and consider strategies that underpin the fundamentals that contribute to its growth.

We need to educate people and change the perception of Africa

For generations, Africa has been viewed as a single country. Part of the world views the continent only through a prism of war, disease, poverty, starvation and corruption. There are many countries that have celebrated 30 or 40 years of independence, yet there is still a negative perception and this has to stop. This is the time to show what Africa really has.  Yes, we have a lot of work to do but we have so much to be proud of. If we work together, we can show the world all the things they don’t really know about Africa and show them why we are worth investing in and why our story is an important one to tell.

We are a people never short of ideas and always have the community at heart and we need to be able to collaborate to resolve the conflicts and problems we face, and demonstrate this to the world. We need to change the “single story”, the one dimensional view that doesn’t allow the international community to witness all the beauty that Africa carries.

Entrpreneurial knowledge can only be recognised if there is an education revolution. In other words, we need to ensure that all of Africa’s children get an education because they are the future.

Global leaders and tech personalities believe that Africa has the innovators of tomorrow, who can build the continents future. We need to start somewhere to make sure that only a properly educated workforce will have the knowledge and skills to drive socio-economic changes forward and who have plans to tackle the most pressing challenges like war, famine and poverty.

Change starts at home. Investment starts with our own. If not now, when, and if it is not us driving the change we want to see, then who?

2019 is fast approaching. While investing in technology, property, agriculture and tourism are important, investing in our people is equally important as well.  Additionally, physical infrastructure like building maintenance, roads and railways are also very critical to our overall success.

Let us all start thinking of ways we can put Africa on the map and become the voice it needs to drive the key agendas that will bring positive change. Let us be the people that  have the rest of the world listening, getting inspired and looking to us to offer important advice and support for a brighter future, globally. Let us start cooking up a storm!

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