ZimCon (Zimbabwe Consolidators) reaches a 5 year milestone and blitzes logistics and consolidation industry in Southern Africa. Read to find out more.

ZimCon is in the business of transport and logistics. They are one of Southern Africa’s rapidly developing transport and logistics businesses,providing unique transport and logistics solutions throughout the southern African region with unparalleled standard and quality of service delivery. They also offer clients in-house customs clearing, the option to consolidate their shipments “at low personalized consol rates”, and they have a fleet of different sized trucks ferrying dedicated consignments throughout the SADC

The company also provides value added services such as liaising with suppliers, GIT insurance and daily tracking in order to lift the burden off clients and ensure they have peace of mind that all is catered for. Cofounder Nyasha Mudzingwa who had been in the business since 2009
before the company started in August 2012 had this to say about the milestone, “We recently celebrated our 5 th anniversary and examining our progress. We were amazed at how ZimCon has transformed into a robust dynamic and progressive company over the few years from its humble beginnings in the winter of 2012.”

His initial encounter with this industry was as a commodity broker, purchasing goods in South Africa and importing them to Zimbabwe. “I had to utilize transporters to move my shipments, and my experience with transporters was not pleasant – the inconsistency and lack of updates, the old broken trucks that resulted in frustration and delays in the delivery of my shipments. This motivated me to co-found a logistics company that provides excellent, professional, and pliable services to our partners,” he said. Nyasha is a simple, passionate, diligent and committed man who subscribes to the power of hard work, innovation and determination. His drive and passion has been singularly rewarding in business and in life. Determination affords him to keep thrusting forward in dry seasons. When business is bad and the economy is not favorable – passion and commitment enables him to consistently envisage a brighter future.

“I never cow down to difficult situations, I am optimistic and competitive – I don’t easily take no for an answer and I am never willing to be the tail. I set trends, set up systems – I am a trail blazer. The compelling feeling that ‘I
can do it better’ guides my decisions every day. I am also a self-starter and every day I wake up with a vivid feeling that I have to finish what I started,” he said with vivid confidence.

This boldness and approach resulted in him winning the ZAA Male Entrepreneur Award which he described “as quite astounding considering there are numerous Zimbabwean entrepreneurs in South Africa who have built giant successful businesses.”

“I attended the event with the intention to take joy with fellow Zimbabweans and network; I was speechless when the announcement was made, my wife had to give a speech on my behalf. Being recognized as the ZAA Male Entrepreneur of the Year was personally motivating and inspiring.” Also Nyasha Mudzingwa / ZimCon is current ZAA South Africa Business of
the Year.

Nyasha said that transport and logistics is a very simple 1 + 1 = 2 type of business. However, what sets them apart is their belief in “excellence perfected”. “I am a perfectionist, and I believe that by pursuing excellence, perfection is attainable. At ZimCon we give the same measure of billion dollar service to all our clients. We strive to make the most of our resources to ensure that our customers goods are delivered right on time and with excellent professional standard. Hence our expression – ‘excellence perfected’!”

Well qualified to be in the business, he is an engineer by profession and possesses post graduate qualifications in Business Management and Marketing. He elaborated that it is interesting because his Uncle (Sekuru) always said to him, “the best career to pursue, is to be a problem solver.” He trusts in the logistics industry, and the latter is exactly what they have
tried to do.

Narrating how well respected their company is, Nyasha said that all ZimCon’s clients rely on the company to provide transport and logistics solutions. To this end, the company enjoys a niche market that comprises of colossal and consistent corporates anchored on a selling point of “a relationship rather than a service.”

“As a result, we have earned the respect and loyalty of partners (clients) who now view us as an extension of their businesses particularly through their shipping department,” he noted.

Despite earning the respect of the industry, and viewing South Africa as a very strategic country for the business, Nyasha said challenges will always arise, especially in any business’ external environment where one has little control.

The plus side is that the transport logistics company is “solution driven”. He said as a matter of fact, it has made complete business sense and brought about great results to establish a business in South Africa since most of the goods transported into Africa are either manufactured in the country or come through Durban, the busiest port in southern Africa.
With the most critical elements that clients look for to determine a good business, service or product, being professionalism, efficiency and teamwork, they have adopted these as their core values to give their partners value for money.

In his daily work Nyasha is stimulated by an overwhelming desire to flourish and leave a lasting legacy that will be passed onto generations after him, including his daughter “who makes sure I'm up early every day at 4am.” The highlight of his profession or in person has been to go to school to study engineering and working for a company that makes trailers then realizing that he can actually make a greater significance loading the trailers than making the trailers.

Nyasha left Zimbabwe in 2009. He heads ZimCon from Johannesburg. He was born in Bulawayo. His father was in the army so they moved between Bulawayo, Kwekwe and Harare

He attended school at Selukwe Primary School in Shurugwi and Churchill
Boys High School in Harare.

Married and blessed with one child, he said that if he was to go back home
now his business plans for a country like Zimbabwe, tremendously strategic
and central in the SADC region as it is, would be exemplary.

“We have recently established a distribution warehouse in Harare and are
currently in the process of acquiring trucks to surge out of Zimbabwe. We
have identified the need to boost exports out of Zimbabwe, thus we have
started to contribute to cotton, tobacco and platinum exports. The Mozambique port has also become very popular lately. It’s a gap we intend to fill,” he said.

In the next 5 – 10 years he foresees growth upon growth of his business in South Africa or the SADC region and by which time they should have representation in all the countries in southern Africa.

Asked what immediate plans were in place to grow his business, he said, “I like to simplify things. Logistics is a paper intensive business. That’s why I have a team of IT gurus working on digitizing the whole business. We are going paperless and in the coming months we should have a fully functional ZimCon app.”

Indeed, Nyasha and ZimCon have set an enviable example while providing an answer to the call for African businesses in general to embrace technology.



Nyasha Mudzingwa: Regional Transport Logistics Dynamo

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