Mother of 3 boys, she comes from Lupane, Matabeleland North. She grew up in the City of Bulawayo. He background made her see the suffering of disadvantaged people and communities in both rural and urban set ups.

She is therefore very passionate about upliftingher home country Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean community in the diaspora. “I am always out there engaging our community about the importance of Ubuntu / Hunhu, what in English you may call Togetherness or Communalism. I am a business woman, and I am also the founder of a voluntary social media ladies’ group called QokiZiNdlovukazi – ManinaAmahle Ladies UK.” she said.

Presently she is working on her own health and social care company called O. S Care Agency.
The company works in partnership with NHS England. She is also currently involved in about 5 of
QokiZiNdlovukazi ManinaAmahle Ladies UK projects. These are QokiZiNdlovukazi Hospital project, Qoki Funeral Assistance Group, Qoki Property Group, Qoki Birthday Group and Qoki Lotto Syndicate Group. There is a Qoki Savings Club.

She loves promoting Zimbabwean artists, supporting and showcasing the talents they have. “It’s one of those things I feel as a community we must do. We have many talented young Zimbabweans in the diaspora who need our support to make it in their chosen careers. It is my wish that we all promote and support them to do well. I love supporting young models, musicians and actors,” she said.

Explaining more her organisation she said QokiZiNdlovukazi…ManinaAmahle, is a Charitable Zimbabwean – UK women only organisation. It was essentially formed to empower women so that they
become well aware of socio-economic needs of our diverse communities in the UK and back home
in Zimbabwe. Qoki empowers women by conducting workshops with regards to climbing up the property ladder, buying shares in properties, saving and investments. Projects in Zimbabwe have been mainly charitable work such as blankets donations to district hospitals. “We have so far donated to district hospitals including St. Lukes Hospital, Filabusi; Sipepa Clinic, Gwanda; Maphisa, Silobela; Mpilo Maternity Ward and Mpilo Childrens’ Ward. “We also donated towards the Tsholotsho disaster
during the floods this year,” she said.

QokiZiNdlovukazi is in the process of being registered here in the UK, both as a Charitable Organisation and a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is currently going through its Constitution to ensure it meets registration requirements and it is what works for members of the group.

QokiZiNdlovukazi ManinaAmahle has already made successes through its humanitarian, hospitals and clinics donations, especially in the Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, Bulawayo & Midlands provinces of Zimbabwe where they alleviated acute blanket shortages. “We are trying to make life better by giving back to the community in areas we feel the government is unable to cope due to economic constraints affecting the country. As Qoki, we feel that it is our role as citizens to help our communities if we can.

We will continue to help Zimbabwe in various ways that we can,” she said. Their Property Investments (UK) and Funeral Assistance projects have particularly attracted a huge number of Zimbabwean women participants, this way becoming a role model to many Zimbabweans and other nationalities.

Qoki has a lot of projects lined up. For example they want to ensure that within the next 18 months all members of the Qoki Property Investment would have bought their own property or raised enough deposit to do so. They are also aiming to help those with a desire to invest in properties back home. To this effect  they are engaging local authorities and banks to help members with mortgages or land for constructing their own properties.

Qoki was formed just 9 months ago but has grown and done a lot. It therefore foresees immeasurable development, growth and enormous expansion in the coming five years. Sithule explains that it will never be that easy since their projects will need huge donations in small amounts from members. She is also asking for help from mainstream donor funding organisations.

In the absence of external funding the members will continue giving voluntary contributions. “We are therefore appealing to both local Zimbabwean and international donors and corporate organisations to help us achieve our dreams.

QokiZiNdlovukazi (ManinaAmahle) is apolitcal and non-discriminatory, but generally looks at areas of
acute humanitarian communities' needs in Matabeleland and Midlands.

Talking about their other projects she said that Qoki has 4 projects and at the moment where Qoki
Property Project is doing extremely well. It's in two categories helping each other buy or build houses
back home. They bought a house as a group here in the U.K. They are in the process of renovating it and will subsequently sell it and share profit proceeds. They are also helping each other buy properties here in the UK. This will help members climb up the property ladder.

Sithule is motivated by her children. Just by looking at them gives her the drive to keep going.“Looking at them and knowing they have something to be happy for, have all their basic needs, also drives me towards helping those children whose parents are not as lucky as I am. “My children are therefore my source of inspiration in everything I do. They remind me of other people. I am aware some parents can’t do it for
their children. That only makes me want to play a small role towards empowering others.

“I am happy that at Qoki we all share this communal love and have various personal and communal experiences that individually motivate and drive us to do what we are doing,” she said. Her biggest career highlight was starting her own company O. S Care Agency because I took a leap of faith and here I am today.   Like she said above, she likes to support and manage artists and one of her artists won Awards
2016 & 2017. The other one became 1st princess in Miss World Zimbabwe U.K. Based in Manchester, she was born at St Paul, Lupane. She then went on to live in Bulawayo at Lobengula where she did my primary education.

She lived in Bulawayo up until relocating to the UK.   She left Zimbabwe in 2002 where she had
attended school at Insukamini and Ingubo Primary schools before going to Tennyson Hlabangana
High School in Matabeleland.

If she went back to Zim today she would try and develop Matebeleland and bring back Bulawayo to
its former industrial and cultural glory. “I would like to see our NRZ working as it used to. I
would like to see our traditional cultural musicians and dancers promoted and reviving all cultural
aspects of Ubuntu.

“I would like to see us work together as a country. That is my greatest prayer that as Zimbabweans, we stay united and develop the country. There is nothing that can defeat people who are united and have a passion about their country. “Even Zimbabweans who have relocated and acquired citizenships in other countries continue to show interest in their home country. That is something that needs nursing. I hope that the government will one day come up with a programme where it promotes and encourages those in diaspora to invest easily back home. “Zimbabweans in diaspora are immensely talented, hard working and very much willing to invest and develop their homeland. We can also emulate what other countries such as India and Israel have done. They utilised their diaspora sons and daughters to develop their countries.”

In the next 5 years Qoki will have grown and its deeds will be speaking for everyone to see. If any individual or any organisation would like to donate or support their hospitals or any part of their work, below are the contact details:
Mobile:07479462612 or Email: or

Lupane-born Sithule Tshuma Helps Zimbabweans

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