Mothers Day  ( A Reflection )

Mothers Day ( A Reflection )

Motherhood is regarded as the root, a genesis of all life and mankind. It is the backbone from which humanity is formed and is supported upon. Biblically, the genesis of human conception starts with the birth of Cain and Abel, which gives way to the genealogy of the Jewish history up until the birth of Jesus Christ. Even when He was born (Jesus), his mother was revered as the most blessed of all women and mothers. How did it all start though that we get to see mankind celebrate the essence of motherhood and respect it as it is done today?

History has it that it started in 1908 in Virginia when a lady called Anna Jarvis honored her late mother. With time the meaning and symbolism attached to the day has since evolved, from Anna Jarvis honoring her late mother, to people in general paying homage to their mothers late or alive.

The day now has so much significance so much that it is recognised the world over. It is a day that mankind gets to appreciate, complement, celebrate and honor the woman and the duty called motherhood.

Motherhood is a duty like no other, a duty that exhibits, love, sacrifice and dedication. So as we celebrate Mother’s Day we take time to say thank you to all mothers for all the sacrifices they have made to ensure that children have all the necessary provisions, we honor you for the distinct duty of bringing us into this world. Not many are privy to the fact that mothers play an integral role in ensuring that mankind conforms to the norms and values of society.

Mothers play the role of teacher when they perform the basic function of primary socialisation, where one is nurtured into the norms and values of the community. The mother is the child’s first priest, she prays for the child and declares blessings upon his/her life as a gesture of love and wishing well for the little one. Because of the change in life habits today, many at times we do not get to spend time with our loved ones due to work commitments, particularly our mothers. It is on days like these such as the Mothers day that we take some time off our busy schedules and be with them as we show them love and appreciation for what they have done and continue to do for us.

Motherhood is a duty that no amount of money can give value to, but is only valued by the love and sacrifices that the mothers give. Growing up being with mother meant everything, every Saturday morning you would wake up to a homely smell of cooked delicious treats and a warm plate of porridge mixed with butter would be served to you, it would taste delicious as it was made in a way only mother could. Guiding you through the day she would constantly check on you to see if all was well. And when bed time came she would be right by your side until the time you fell asleep.

The sleepless nights she had when we got ill or got a fever can never be restored And now as a grown-up woman and mother the urge to crawl up onto mother’s legs and snuggle up in the safety net of her arms is still very strong.

Their motherly touch can shield you from all the hurt the world can throw at you.

 Sunday 10 May 2020 is Mother’s Day, but let not mankind’s love for the mother be governed by a date on a calendar, love should be spread all year round.

Even a national holiday may not even be enough to appreciate the love and goodness of such proportions Each day should always be a day to love and appreciate our mothers.

 The least we can say is thank you and we are forever in your debt.

By Elizabeth Sitotombe

 Elizabeth Sitotombe is a freelance journalist based in Harare, Zimbabwe who focuses on gender and health issues and contributes to various publications.She writes in her own capacity. You can contact her on

+26371212668, +263772985537, for feedback and comments.

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