Raviro Nzenza: A Successful Zim Businessperson In Australia

Raviro Nzenza: A Successful Zim Businessperson In Australia

Her firm is based in the vibrant, multicultural city of Footscray, Melbourne. It assists in criminal matters, traffic offences, family law matters, particularly relating to family violence (intervention orders), divorce, property settlement, child access and other general legal matters, among other things too numerous to mention.

Established in 2014, its biggest clients are people from Africa, followed by Asia, having specific needs and human rights concerns. NLMS strives to pay attention to clients in order to holistically serve.

The culture of the law firm is social justice to all and provides legal services and advice to clients from all cultures in the Australian community. The Principal Lawyer and founder of NLMS, Raviro Nzenza, understands both the Australian and African cultural, having migrated to Australia from Zimbabwe more than thirty years ago. She is committed to social justice and her law firm thrives to represent the disadvantaged in the Australian wider community.

NLMS’s lawyers and barristers are accredited Australian Legal practitioners and a registered migration agency. Its clients will receive empathetic legal advice catering for client’s specific needs. We will fight hard for our clients getting the best results. Clients recognize NLMS as one of the best migration and family lawyers in Melbourne.

Raviro advised on the current  migration trends and what people need to  know before they migrate to a particular country: “In Australia, migration is an important force and a high-priority issue for both population growth and addressing the skills shortage. Australia is more likely to open to migrants with talent and skilled, putting greater emphasis on employing the best and brightest. Policy changes will be progressively made to address the needs of the current economics of the country. Before migrating to a particular country, it’s advisable to check whether you can embrace the cultural values of that country.

“It can be very unsettling but being aware of the following things will help you to settle quicker:

  • Language – do not take communication for granted!
  • Find out how to obtain visas and residency.
  • Do in-depth research about how to move abroad, the country, and city you want to settle down in.
  • Culture shock – the different culture you experience may cause waves of home sickness and stress. This can be triggered by differences in living situations, food, transportation, social mannerisms; anything different to what you may be accustomed to. At first this can be overwhelming and frustrating.
  • Blending into the wider community quickly is a remedy for culture shock – attending community events and volunteering to do charity work are great ways to foster good will and create positive new networks.
  • Technology – use technology to find out events of interest to attend, just get out and get yourself involved.”

Her advice to people intending to go and live in Australia is “Embrace your new country and culture as well as respecting your old, you can be selective to a certain extent. Be proactive in seeking help from your local ethnic community and your new cultural community. Assimilate, get yourself involved and don’t stick to your ethnic community only.”

She has experienced challenges including overcoming the fear of starting her own business;  establishing a practice management system; running the business and keeping the accounting books for tax purposes; employing staff who share the same values of the firm and fear of expanding.

In general the business has been well received by the market such that it has thrived through word of mouth. “Very little marketing or advertising has been done since we started operating. We work hard believing that a good out come for our client is also good for our business. Satisfied clients will talk and refer business to their family and friends and this has been the trend for our business,” she notes.
What does she think are the most critical elements that people look for in a legal and migration business?

“To be understood; to understand the legal implications to their matter; have it resolved or assisted to get the best possible out come and excellent and reputable track record. NLMS is owned by a sole practitioner who works closely with different barristers specializing in specific matters in the legal industry.”

Raviro noted the migration trends in the world especially looking at migration from Africa, saying global migration or human movement is induced when people are in search of opportunities to better their lives.

“One could say migration is highly driven by opportunity-seeking behaviors. Africans will want to emigrate depending on the political and economics it situation of their country and opportunity to do so.

African governments that lack global foresight in terms of human rights, politics, economics and creating polices that attract local and international investments that in turn create opportunities, loose their talented citizens and potential local and international investors.

These countries run a risk of loosing their talent to global economies who are capitalizing on the opportunity missed by poor economic policies and corrupt, irresponsible governments.

“The current trend is global governments are busy implementing polices recruiting to develop their economies and population growth. Selecting the elite from countries in Africa who do not have the opportunities.”

Based in Melbourne, she was born and grew up in Hwedza. The schools that she attended in Zimbabwe were Mungurawu, Kuenda, Mahoko, Jeche, Chembira and Mabvuku Primary schools before she enrolled at Mabvuku High and Roosevelt Girls High schools.

In Australia she then studied law at RMIT University Australia National University.

The legal-wise lady left Zimbabwe in 1988 and has two children.

When she gets too comfortable she looks for challenges that stimulate and take on challenges that encourage self-development, as she believes continuous learning is the key ingredient in life for personal growth and success.

Today Nzenza Legal and Migration Services (NLMS, www.rnlegalservices.com.au) is one of Australia’s law firms specializing in professional migration to Australia.

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