William Pasi Sachiti Builds Self Driving Car In UK

William Pasi Sachiti Builds Self Driving Car In UK

Can you imagine a self-driving car? Yes, this will soon be a reality as this young man is determined to make it happen. He recently spoke with Zim Abroad Magazine in an exclusive interview.

Zim-Abroad (ZA): Tell us how your driverless car has been received?

William Pasi Sachiti (WPS): I have built an artificial intelligent car which is able to drive itself to perform deliveries. If you buy something online this car will be able to drive to your house, drop-off your packages or drive to your neighbor’s house and drop off their package. Or essentially do any delivery run. And if you think of what those delivery drivers do, the car is able to think for itself and do a delivery without human aid. The car has been received very well. This is both by retailers who love it because it is solving a very real problem for them as well as consumers . Who doesn’t like a car that is going to drive itself to your house?

ZA: When can we expect to see the first vehicles on the streets?

WPS: In the summer of 2017 we were able to close a couple of investment rounds, this maps the way to start building the actual car on our production facility. We are expecting to complete by the end of this year and have the car on the road probably by spring 2018.


ZA: How long has it taken you to come up with the car?
WPS: To come up with this concept actually took a long time. The reason is early evolution started nearly 6 years ago. This is where I wanted to disrupt delivery of packages but instead the original idea was drones, so much so much so that I filed a patent for invisible road networks in the sky for drones to be able to navigate to deliver packages.
As time went on I realized maybe drones were not the solution, so I actually enrolled in university to study artificial intelligence robotics so that I could up key credentials so to speak and be able to innovate better. The result was that I was able to develop a concept for automated delivery using a car or instead using road networks which I think are a much better solution.

ZA: Tell us some of the challenges faced in the development of this innovation?

WPS: I suppose the biggest challenge anyone face in the project like this is that it has never been done
before. Nobody has made a car like this as a product. It is interesting that we recently heard from one of
the big companies that were among the most advanced, doing it, which is good, and it’s challenging.

ZA: How do you see the future of this car?
WPS: If you think of it there have not really been any big innovations in the world in general which have
caused a massive positive effect on human life. What I mean by this is that if you think of any
innovations like smart phones and internet, yes life is better, faster but are you as a person happy about
it and of course about the quality.

ZA: If you to go back to Zim today what plans would you put in place for the country?

WPS: Is your cost of living lower as a person? I am very interested in innovations that would drop cost of
living by 90%. For example imagine if you were to produce food at a very small fraction. Imagine
producing housing at a very small fraction? This reason will not just be for Zimbabwe, its about how to
make the world a better place, affecting the highest number of people. That’s the sort of innovation I
am interested in the future. As an entrepreneur I think beyond Zimbabwe.

ZA: Tell us about your roots in Zimbabwe?

WPS: I actually grew up and went to Greystone Park Primary, then Oriel Boys, Speciss College and then NIT in Avondale. then I left Zim at 16 /17 years and since then I have lived in the UK.

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