Our Person of the Week is an emerging force in the new class of influencers on a mission to promote wellness in communities as a brand ambassador and fitness enthusiast.

Michelina Chindiya is a popular personality widely known as Miss Chindiya in the public eye. Miss Chindiya is an accomplished Financial Advisor who has been quoted by Bloomberg, as well as getting featured on BBC’s Focus on Africa and Money Daily.

She combined her passion for fitness and philanthropy and has scored several endorsements and collaborations that have helped her reach out to communities and audiences.

“I truly believe that charity begins at home. Philanthropy is an important part of society. It is not about money but using whatever resources you have access to and making the world a better place,” she said.

“Social media is that resource for me, it is more than just pretty images. It would be a huge waste to have access to a wide audience and not use that gift and influence to mobilize resources to help the less fortunate.”
Miss Chindiya’s social media engagement and respectable brand management have helped her work with brands such as VAYA, CIMAS, the Skin Spa Group, and Econet, among others.

She entered into a partnership with PCP_Zimbabwe as brand ambassador to raise awareness about period poverty in Zimbabwe. Their combined efforts resulted in an overwhelming response from her audience to come to the aid of struggling students.

“In partnership with PCP_Zimbabwe, we were able to raise awareness about period poverty in Zimbabwe. We were able to supply students of Mbare High school with period care packages and pay for their school fees through support from my audience. Positive influencing is raising awareness about an issue that has the potential to gain the widespread support of the public and make a powerful impact,” said Miss Chindiya.

“Those with influence have the privilege and power to help others. All in all, what drives me to do this is the fact that it provides opportunities and supports projects that assist those whose voices are not heard in society.”
Aside from philanthropy, Miss Chindiya is also well known for her dedication to using her journey to promote self-love through the discipline of daily fitness.
“I am working on attaining my Professional Qualification as a Personal Trainer this year. Once that is done, I will be creating fitness programs for prospective clients. Hopefully, we will inspire a generation of women and girls to take control of their lives and find confidence through fitness,” she said.

Her ultimate vision is to inspire a generation of women and girls to take control of their lives and find confidence through both finance and fitness. That dedication saw her working with CIMAS on the iGo campaign last year alongside fellow influencer Ray Vines, in a project she describes as the highlight of her year.

Miss Chindiya says she enjoyed the entire content creation process and learned so much in a process where there was a fair exchange of value. The much-loved personality stays winning but, just how did her journey into personal fitness start?

“I had always been into fitness from childhood. I was swimming captain in High School and captain of the National Gymnastics Team. However, it changed when I went to University. It was not mandatory like in high school where you had to take part in at least one sporting activity.”
“I found myself lacking a lot of motivation to keep fit and stay active and gaining weight over the years. My friends would tell me I looked nice and curvy, so I put the weight on without really feeling conscious about it. I normalized being the size that I was.”

The turning point in her personal fitness journey came one day when she felt short of breath halfway going up a flight of stairs. Upon realizing how much she had strayed from her former fit lifestyle, she hit the gym with a decision to regain physical wellness than losing weight.

The result of that decision has been an inspiring journey for Michelina Chindiya. She has taken her fitness crusade to many people, promoting wellness in all aspects of life and offers her encouragement to others.
“Don’t give up on your dreams if you want it bad enough. Put in the work, keep grinding, and make noise until they hear you. Life can be so demotivating. It may feel as though you are drowning but, you have to push through all the adversity and keep going for whatever you want. Hard work pays off.”

Miss Chindiya says finance is her profession but, fitness is her passion. Her ultimate vision is to inspire a generation of women and girls to take control of their lives and find confidence through both finance and fitness.

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