Kuda Matiza

Kuda Matiza

Kuda Matiza is a creative powerhouse who brings a unique blend of artistic creations by merging music, film, art and liberal African stories among other inspirations to invent new ideologies in fabric.

A dynamic designer and artist, our Person of the Week, has worked with various personalities from film and television to fashion and music, all the while leaving his mark of genius.

Spurred on by one of his personal quotes which says ‘the purpose to seek inspiration to inspire’, Matiza saw his designs on the facemasks worn during the Covid-19 pandemic, recognised by Forbes among 20 of the Most Fashionable Brands with the Face Mask.

“As a concept brand we have always created something different on the market and this was the perfect time to create a fashionable mask. The idea was to conceptualize fashion into safety and normalize it in our world,’’ said Matiza as he explains the inspiration behind the face masks.

“House of Hohwa and I were recently identified by Forbes as one of the Most Creative Brands with the Face Mask. It’s a great pleasure to have your work identified across the world and that is a humbling experience. We hope more can come from this to keep Africa on the map,’’ he said.

The recognition is just the latest in a series of high achievement from the House of Hohwa (H.O.H) founder. He founded the brand in 2013 and uses the mushroom as the connotation of identity of their garments which represent diversity, culture and identity from Africa.

Seven years later in business and H.O.H has come up with impressive designs and showcases such as Urban Shroom and Mambokadzi (Queen in Shona), which were well received urban collections.

Their work has since transcended locale and gone on to celebrate the region’s culture and identity on the global stage with designs such as the Congo-inspired Ishango Collection paying homage to the historic time tracking instrument from the Central African nation.

Among their highlight creations is the Winds of Change Collection which was inspired by former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s speech in Cape Town in 1960 on his ‘Winds of Change’ tour. In the iconic speech Macmillan is quoted as saying “…the most striking of all the impressions that I have formed since leaving London a month ago is of the strength pf this African national consciousness. It’s happening everywhere. The wind of change is blowing through this continent whether we like it or not, it is growth of national consciousness and it is a political fact that we must all accept.’’

Matiza took inspiration from that speech and came up with a poignant masterpiece which is reflective of the present times and showcased the collection at the Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2018 and the Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase UK in London 2018.

“The Winds of Change speech signifies a change of a political era and currently Africa is the main focus as the world is looking for inspiration from Africa. House of Hohwa’s 3rd collection which is compiled of the evident African prints and asymmetrical silhouettes signifies just that,” he explained.

The designer, stylist and radio host continues on his relentless pursuit for excellence and lasting legacies and is currently seized with a new concept design which is set to be released later in the year.

“We are currently working on a new collection for 2020 that will be launching in the summer. I’d not want to give much away on this one but it is inspired by current events and the devastating year that 2020 has been so far.”

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