Celebrated artist Probeatz is one artist who has managed to reinvent himself time and again with every new move he introduces proving to be a masterstroke. The immensely talented beatboxer is highly rated for his ingenuity whether on stage or on video and has gained a huge following for his craft.

Probeatz has come a long way from his hometown of Mufakose to gracing stages in Zambia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, China and the USA among others. Everywhere he has gone he has dazzled with his showmanship and flawless performances with his beatboxing and dancing skills in full showcase.

Born Takudzwa Denzel Mashonganyika, the entertainer makes his entry as person of the week at a time the Zim Hip Hop scene has been hogging the limelight for a number of reasons from controversy to a resurgence and everything else inbetween. Whilst all the noise has been going on Probeatz has emerged as a force to reckon with in the arts industry on the back of his debut album titled 25. The project has since gathered steam headlined by popular tracks Munoigona here, Chihwande hwande and the popular anthem Banga, where he delivers some hard hitting lyrics on the songs.

Probeatz is known mainly for his beatboxing, dancing as well as hilarious skits such as the Imagine Everything with Probeatz series but it was only 2018 that he feels his music started to get noticed. After showcasing some of his singing and rapping, demand grew for more offerings fron him and the star duly obliged with the album 25.

“I named the album 25 as a reference to my age and because it’s an album that talks about stuff that young guys face from around 17 years going up to 25. It is basically a reflection on coming of age for the typical guy as you experience love, hope, hustle, pain, tears and everything that comes along in life. It was also me celebrating myself as an artist, the people I’ve collaborated with, places I’ve been to and things that I have done in my career and I have been truly humbled by the positive response it has been getting,” he said.
The gifted star recently featured on The Rise of Hip Hop lockdown show and undoubtedly stole the limelight with another polished performance that had viewers buzzing on social media and he expresses his gratitude.

“I was so grateful for the feedback I got from that show. It was a great gesture and the energy was really good and I would like to give a shout out to the organisers who gave us the platform and everyone who tuned in for the performances. It was such an honour for me as I’ve never classified myself as a hip hop artist or a specific type of artist because I’m versatile and believe art is free expression,’’ said Probeatz.

“I love what I do and I don’t look at it as a burden or just a pastime. I generally spend my time rapping, beat boxing and writing scripts or comedy among other projects. I just love what I do and getting help from different people with production, filming and beat making has been an amazing experience.”
Since his breakthrough as the winner of Dreamstar in 2015, he has toured extensively as an all-round performer to Europe, Asia and Hollywood raising the country’s flag.

“My favourite career moment was when I went to Los Angeles for the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA). It was a great and significant moment in my career and I learnt a lot. Zimbabwe had a small number of performers at the tournament, also known as the ‘Talent Olympics’ but we managed to grab a couple of medals to bring home and for me that was a defining moment and we have not looked back since.”

The entertainer is also a comedian and an avid video gamer, with Playstation ranking as his favourite. Despite often being busy, he also likes to listen to music and read books and researching on many topics including fashion in his downtime.

“I have a number of exciting new projects coming soon and I just hope people keep entertained whilst staying safe during these are unusual times. I want to thank you for the support and I hope it stays like this always. My message to everyone out there is have fun, let’s carry on supporting each other. Keep doing you, turn negative energy into positive fuel, the time comes for everyone and never measure success in the form of material things or accolades because winning and losing is really internal so keep your head in the game, stay in your lane, pray and win.”

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