There are a number of many Zimbabweans around the world who are doing exceptionally well in their countries of residence and positively affecting communities. The Zimbabwean diaspora community is host to many enterprising Zimbabweans and sharp innovative ideas within the people who go out of their way to attain their goals and always lend a hand to others. Zim-Abroad Magazine takes this time to celebrate and highlight some of the Zimbabweans people should know about who are flying the country’s flag high. These people are only but a small group of the actual picture of trailblazers in Canada and are celebrated in no particular order. This is not a conclusive list of all Zimbabweans we should know.

Phil Mutanho

Phil is an accounting professional, businessman and founder of MC Professional Accountant. He created the firm in 2010 after successfully creating Carolina Accounting and Tax Services LLC in 2003 in North Carolina which is still operational as satellite office for their clients in the US market.

Vusa Mabaleka

Vusa is an author and poet who wrote the book The Year of the Underdog – Positioning Yourself for Goal Achievement. A firm believer in the youth and accountant by profession, he also volunteers his time to assist with the World partnership Walk.

Kay L

The Juno nominated music artist has been making waves over the years for the right seasons and was awarded the White Hat award which is the equivalent of the keys to the city by his hometown’s mayor for his music contributions. Kay L has also toured extensively with renowned stars such as Rihanna, Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul and Flo Rida among others.

Amanda Nothabo

Amanda is an actress, media personality and red carpet host who commands a huge following and influence within the community. She is the founder and owner of Monumental Pictures, a Canadian based film and production company.

Andrew Utah

Popularly known as Starbax, Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for food and entertainment. He is the CEO and owner of Made by AAA as well as GroundZero Entertainment which is an entertainment company as well as being the president of Multicultural Diaspora Society, a non-profit organisation which helps immigrants.

Ruvarashe Lynn Mutseka

Popularly known as RUVA, the Edmonton based musician comes from Zimbabwe and is driven by a passion for gospel music and debuted on the scene with her acclaimed EP titled No Boundaries.

Dr Rainos Mutamba

Dr Mutamba is a writer, professor, musician and community builder who co-founded the mbira fusion band Nhapitapi. He also founded Ubuntu Learning Village for cultural revitalization and hosts tourists from all over the world whilst promoting Zimbabwean culture.

Rain Akai

Rain Akai is a singer and songwriter from Zimbabwe based in Toronto who incorporates various musical styles and genres as she charms her thousands of followers, affectionately known as Raindrops whilst she keeps on scaling up the music charts.

Lynn Kibria

Lynn is an entrepreneur and the owner of Kay’s Catering Services and Arbonne Independent Consult. She is also an active member of the community and volunteers to help with Autistic Children and the elderly. She has also volunteered with packaging medical supplies to Zimbabwe for Cyclone Idai relief.

Theresa Nyabeze

Theresa is a mining engineer and author with over 17 years of experience. She champions diversity and inclusivity in the workspace and has also authored a children’s book which introduces young minds to mining called Underground! My mining adventure.

Noreen Sibanda

Zimbabwean born Noreen has spent the last decade working in the community supporting refugee and immigrant families. Holder of a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, she has a passion to destigmatize and increase access to mental health services.

Charmaine Mukoma

Charmaine is the founder of home based crocheting business Handmade with Charm which she founded in 2017 and is expanding into other interests such as home décor. HMWC also makes baby hats and clothing throughput the year to donate to people in Zimbabwe as well as custom blankets and clothing.

Sandra Chuma

Sandra is a storyteller, filmmaker and entrepreneur based in Canada. She is the founder of NDINI which profiles and celebrates women of African descent who are doing inspiring things in the world and aims to spread motivation for women to be the best version of themselves.

Cathrine Kim Chivhima

Cathrine is a businesswoman and CEO and founder of ZipCoin Remit Ltd. A visionary leader in the digitalization of Remittance and Peer-To-Peer solution. ZipCoin Remit Ltd aims to improve and develop solutions that enable people in emerging markets to choose different options when sending money.

TK Smoothe

TK Smoothe is the CEO of Moonraiser Entertainment which hosts various events showcasing diversity in music, arts and dance cultures of Southern Africa. They have also collaborated with Afrofest, Batuki Festival and Africa Music Week to mention a few.

MC Bonde

MC Bonde is an Emcee and TV & Radio host who has been in entertainment circles since 1995. The veteran media personality is known as The Voice of Africa and has hosted over 350 weddings and over 3000 events worldwide. He is the host of The African Groove on G98.7 FM Toronto.


Bangerz are a DJ duo comprising of Nkosana M and Eugene N who have made a solid reputation as entertainers and event planners of note. They are in collaborations with a number of events and notably co-founders and resident DJs of Laconnexional, a cultural start-up initiative that strives to showcase the political, cultural and economic contributions of people from Afro and Latina descent in Canada.

Dr Nothabo Ncube

Dr Ncube is an inspirational speaker, coach and Millennial mentor who has overcome her own personal and professional challenges to become a pillar in communities. She has graced many platforms including TEDx with her stories and has met with Oprah Winfrey who took note of her efforts in raising empowerment and consciousness on the plight of females.

Pastor Sheddy Mbizvo

Pastor Mbizvo is a preacher and author based in Canada. As the Overseer of Ontario and Quebec Province for FIFMI, he works within communities and ministry with pastoral experience in the UK and Zimbabwe. He is the former UK Bible School Director and Europe Deeper-Life Conference Director. He authored the book; Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit within you’ and Doing Business the Kingdom Way.

Ru & Ot TV

This hilarious and influential channel is run by two Zimbabwean ladies Ruvi and Otni who entertain with their skits on social commentary and other trending topics. They launched their initiative on YouTube and have experienced immense growth over the years.

Colleen Tsikira

Colleen is a community advocate who has various profitable start-up initiatives and runs several businesses. As an investor and seasoned entrepreneur she has tripled her businesses income to over 6 figures in under a year and establishing a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio.

Zeb Tsikira

Zeb is a respected community leader and entrepreneur with interests in real estate and investment as well as being a life coach. Zeb Tsikira holds various properties and investments in Canada and the real estate guru also mentors and sponsors a number of university students as part of his charity works.

Joseph Mugodo

Dr Mugodo is a prominent businessman, leader and real estate entrepreneur based in Fort McMurray in Canada. He also holds interests in the oil and gas fields in Alberta. He also sits on the board of various organisations and is the president of Zimbabwe Fort Mcmurray Association and vice president of the Rehoboth Alliance.

Tinos Tuarai Viriri

Dr Mugodo is a prominent businessman, leader and real estate entrepreneur based in Fort McMurray in Canada. He also holds interests in the oil and gas fields in Alberta. He also sits on the board of various organisations and is the president of Zimbabwe Fort Mcmurray Association and vice president of the Rehoboth Alliance.

Wiri Kaparura

Wiri is a family lawyer practicing in Ontario. He is a panel member with the Office of the Children’s Lawyers (OCL) and Duty Counsel (Legal Aid Ontario) and provides service to children, victims of domestic violence and immigrants as well as low-income individuals.

Lillian Cox

Lillian Cox is an entrepreneur based in Fort McMurray in Canada. The Kwekwe born businesswoman is the founder and owner of Flame Tz Kloset which sells women’s clothes and accessories. She also holds various interests in entertainment, farming and is the distributor of Pink Taco Palace in Canada.

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