Real name Tinashe Kelvin Mupani, he first fell in love with playing guitar when he was 16. At that time he didnt consider it to be a potential career. But after writing a few songs he felt he had to play them to someone other than just ‘myself’. Then after seeing his musical hero, John Mayer, live in concert, he decided to follow it fully.

I play pop music. Im a big fan of Michael Jackson, John Mayer, and Oasis so I tend to write music that sounds somewhat like a mix of the 3, he told Zim Abroad Magazine.

In the last 5 years he has been working on his music career after becoming obsessed with the guitar.

He has been in the music business for about 4 years and has been playing guitar for 6 years.

I am very thankful to the people of Zimbabwe for sticking with me and showing their pride in everything Zimbabwean so I hope to continue to carry a torch for Zimbabwe in the music that I do.

He is contracted to international record label Sony, and has only put one album out so far but is working on a second one now.

As a young musician Kelvin is motivated by a lot of things to wake up each day. I suppose theres too much to create and to enjoy still for me to stay asleep. I still feel I havent explored much of the world.

He said that things picked up for him ‘dramatically’ a few years ago when a song he wrote called Call You Home went viral on the internet. The song was sort of an overnight sensation on a website called Reddit and from there he recorded an album and the song has since gone gold. So he is very proud of that achievement.

The song Call You Home shot Kelvin Jones to stardom

Being a young artist coupled with instant success has however, brought some challenges to him.

“Deciding and locking in on who I am as an artist is the toughest thing I face right now. The problem is I enjoy too many different styles of music that I almost want to do all of them. But people need (to an extent) to know what youre about and what you stand for.

He stated that he feels like he is very busy but finds that he doesnt always use time wisely. “I could definitely be better at time management. But then again a lot of times you cant force inspiration or timetable it.

Despite his young artistic career he noted that his first single Call You Home has had the largest impact. It was heavily played on German radio and also across US on an advert which was also played during halftime at the Super Bowl. His other biggest songs to date have been the songs Closer and As You Wake Up played on BBC Radio 2.

Asked if he has worked with some big international artists, he said: “So far Ive actually just kept my stuff to myself. I think on this next album I may stretch out and work with some but I wanted to hear what something would sound like coming out of me unfiltered.

Kelvin Jones on stage

Kelvin is currently working on his second album which is his main focus these days.

In the next 5 10 years hopefully his second album would have connected well with people and get some support from radio, as the first step. From there he really just hopes to always get to play to bigger and bigger crowds.

His biggest highlight have so far revolved around being on stage in some way because thats always been his favourite part of being a musician. This includes playing with his band in front of 30,000 people in Germany which experience he described as insane’. As well as when he played in front of 100 people in a crowded venue in Vienna with his mum, dad, brother and girlfriend, which was special.

Based in London, he was born and grew up in Chitungwiza until the age of 9, then he moved to Stevenage in England.

If he was to go back to Zimbabwe now or in future he hopes to see the country embrace his music. “Its not typical Zimbabwean / African music so I would just be happy to be somewhat embraced as one of their own.

He said he knows some Zimbabwean music names like Rationale, Kwaye, Tinashe and would one day like to work with them. He also knows about the music of Mtukudzi and Macheso which his dad always played in the house when he was growing up.

Besides the above he doesnt follow that much music by artists based in Zimbabwe. .The music doesnt come over to England because theres not a lot of crossover so its a shame that its actually quite hard to stay up to date.

The future looks bright for music star Kelvin Jones

However, he fell in love with Neria by Oliver Mtukudzi when he was young and his music always brings him back to a special time. He points out the veteran singer is his favourite. He added that he loved the Borrowdale Dance to Alec Machesos music when he was in Zimbabwe which has a special place in his heart.

Kelvin said he is just blessed and thankful to be able to do music every day and call his passion his job. I am very thankful to the people of Zimbabwe for sticking with me and showing their pride in everything Zimbabwean so I hope to continue to carry a torch for Zimbabwe in the music that I do.”

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