Zim-Abroad Magazine is a publication that shines a light on the stories and activities of the vast contingent of Zimbabweans around the world from all walks of life and fields of expertise. Our aim is to amplify our success stories by binging to a global audience the achievements of various people and organisations.

The ZAM Business Club is a new service that caters for people, communities and businesses, both home and abroad by linking them to a network of enterprising people in a number of innovative ways. The products, services and initiatives being undertaken by Zimbabweans around the world has been on an upward trajectory and the need for engagement with other players has become one of the most progressive methods to achieve more as a people.

The ZAM Business Club community is comprised of various specialties and creates a platform for ideas to be shared as well as business opportunities and comes with a number of benefits for members who can access different privileges within our network. Benefits include access to exclusive events and forum invitations hosted by ZAM and other partners, which opens new avenues for businesses and projects seeking to penetrate new markets with trusted recommendations.

Members of the business club also access special discount rates on events like Zimbabwe Achievers Awards and related pop-up events, seminars and projects around the brands as well as entry into our expansive network. Advertising space is also offered for members who wish to stamp their brand visibility to new spheres of influence and tap into new markets in Europe, Africa, America and parts of Asia.

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